Laurie Hedges

Laurie Hedges (MSc) is a filmmaker, specialising in producing films for wildlife and environmental conservation causes, working with NGO’s, organisations, companies and practitioners across the globe.

As a filmmaker, Laurie produces films particularly in furthering the causes of conservation projects. He collaborates directly with conservation practitioners, researchers, NGO’s, organisations and universities working in the field to tell stories that can lead to positive change. His films are most often used for lobbying stakeholders, educating and empowering local communities and drawing attention to under reported issues. He also trains new film makers and videographers in conservation hotspots across the globe to enable them to tell stories from their own perspectives both nationally and internationally.

Most well known for his research with melanistic leopards in Malaysia, he has researched and worked to protect large mammals in South-East Asia and Central America.

As a surfer, Laurie is devoted to chasing big waves, whilst spearfishing and exploring new cultures.

Join Laurie on his adventures through instagram! 


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