Laurie’s main area of expertise is the population dynamics of large mammals and finding solutions for their conservation. His first foray into the world of conservation came in 2011 when he helmed a longterm monitoring and protection program for cetaceans in Mauritius. Between 2012-2015 he worked in Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma, using camera traps to help guide interventions to conserve the last remaining populations of tigers, leopards and clouded leopards from poaching and habitat loss. He was widely published in the international media for developing a novel solution for monitoring the unique population of melanistic leopards in Malaysia. Since then, he has worked in Costa Rica, helping to protect Baird’s tapir in the Talamanca highlands who face a growing threat to their survival from the pan American highway, poaching and land conversion.

Publications in International journals:

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Hedges, Lam W.Y., Campos-Arciez A., Mark Rayan D., Laurence W.F., Clements G.R. 2015. Melanistic Leopards Finally Reveal Their Spots: Infrared Cameras Provide the First Density Estimate of Leopards in Malaysia. JOURNAL OF WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT.

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Hedges L and Aziz S. 2013. A novel interaction between a Sun Bear and a Pangolin, INTERNATIONAL BEAR NEWS.

Coverage by international news outlets:

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