Filmmaking course

In todays world, every conservation practitioner should have access to the most powerful tools that can help to combat the enormous threats posed by species extinction, global warming and environmental destruction. 

Film is one of these tools. And in this course I have created on Udemy, I teach you all you need to know about it.

Whether they know it or not, almost everyone nowadays can produce even a basic film. This course will enable you to produce high quality content that can achieve your goals as a conservationist. It will cover everything from what equipment you will need to how to plan, shoot and edit a film and what to do once it is made. 

Throughout the course, the material will be covered specifically from the angle of catering to people working in the field of wildlife and environmental conservation. 

The challenges we all face today are enormous, knowing how to use film as one tool in our response will help every conservationist working in the field today. I’ve applied in this course all that I have learnt working full time as an independent film-maker working almost exclusively with international NGO’s, conservation organisations and practitioners to help you become a skilled film maker as fast as possible.

Join my filmmaking for wildlife and environmental conservation course and discover how quickly you can produce high quality films and how much they can make a difference.

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